The Institute published publications in broadcast and media economics in three series:

The series Working Papers of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics has been self-published and contains meanwhile over 300 titles. It is a fast and easy publication of  media economic works in current topics. The publications can be published at a later date in a different form in e.g. scientific journals and anthologies. The spread of the publication allows further comments and amendments which help by application to another form. You find more in Working Paper No. 50: PDF Hinweise zur Einreichung und Gestaltung von Veröffentlichungen.

The series Schriften zur Rundfunkökonomie published by Karl-Heinrich Hansmeyer, Manfred Kops, Horst-Manfred Schellhaaß, Günter Sieben appears in  Vistas-Verlag, Berlin. It contains coherent working papers with bigger volume and higher print quality, e.g. doctor's thesis, monogpraphs from research projects of the Institute and anthologies from symposia or conferences.

The series Kölner Schriften zur Medienökonomie published by Manfred Kops and Horst M. Schellhaaß appears in  LIT-Verlag, Berlin. It also contains coherent working papers. The title of the series expresses the extension of the term "broadcast" (Rundfung) in the course of the technical convergence. The Institute for Broadcasting Economics constrains its research not only on economics and classic radio and TV programms but also intensify economics of the "new" audio-visual media.