"Market Power and Control of Concentration on the Television Market" on the 7th May 1999 in Cologne

Regarding some spectacular consolidations in the field of media, the topic of this years conferece of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics and Institute for Media Law is of great relevance. In front of about 250 participants, the speakers discussed the causes and the possibilities of controlling market power in the media sector.

Program of the conference on the 7th May 1999:

"Market Power and Control of Concentration on the Television Market"

Prof. Dr. Hanns Prütting:
Welcome Speech and Introduction

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kübler, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on Concentration in the Media, Frankfurt:
The Concentration in Media and its Control

Dr. Manfred Kops, Manager of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics, Cologne:
National Control of Concentration and international competitiveness

Wolfgang Thaenert, Director of the Hesse regional office for private broadcasting, AdöR, Kassel:
Practical Questions and Applications of Regulations regarding Laws of Concentration of the broadcasting treaty

Prof. Dr. Hanns Prütting, Director of the Institute for Media Law, Cologne:
The Assumption of dominant Opinion-Makers

Prof. Dr. Erwin K. Scheuch, Chairman of the Cologne Society of Social Research, Cologne:
An Evaluation of the market Share Model from a perspective based on communication science

Discussion after each presentation:
Manager of the discussion: Prof. Dr. Horst Schellhaaß, Prof. Dr. Günter Sieben

Conference proceedings were published in the "Schriftenreihe des Instituts für Rundfunkrecht" Beck-Verlag Volume 79.

Conference 1999


7th  May 1999