"TV Programme Exchange between Germany and China" on the 28th and 29th April 2005 in Cologne

The annual lecture event of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics took place on the 28th and 29th April 2005. It was arranged in coorporation of the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW).The symposium which took place on the 28th on April, in the rooms of WDR Köln, foucused more on scientific issues, and dealt with the opportunities and risks of program trading between China and Germany. Experts from both countries made presentations concerning this matter. On the 29th of April a "Workshop and Exchange Forum" was organized in the rooms of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Cologne. This part of the international conference dealt with the initiation of business contacts between german and chinese media companies. On the two-day conference over 160 people participated, among them there were 30 People from China.

The following presentations were published in the series "Working Papers of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics:

- Manfred Kops - German TV Programmes for China? A Political Economy Perspective (English)

- Manfred Kops - 将德国的电视节目卖给中国?一个政治经济学的分析 (Chinese)

- Stefan Ollig - Chinese TV Programmes for Foreign Countries? A Consumer Theory Perspective (English)

- Stefan Ollig - 中国电视节目的出口:一种消费理论的透视 (Chinese)

- Viola Bensinger - Co-Operation with China in the TV Sector (English)

The published conference material of the event "TV Programme Exchange between Germany and China" on the 28th and 29th April 2005 can be ordered online. It includes all presentations respectively all summaries of the presentations of the first conference day in english and also in chinese.

All materials can be ordered via e-mail against a contribution to expenses of 50 EUR. The materials will be send to you immediately.

The presentations and more contributions to the topic program trading with China are published in  Volume 1 of "Kölner Schriften zur Medienökonomie" LIT-Verlag Berlin. The table of content can be seen PDF here.

Conference 2005


28th & 29th April 2005
28/04.: 10:00 am till 05:00 pm
29/04.: 09:30 am till 06:00 pm

Event location:
Funkhaus Wallrafplatz
Room 6230
Wallrafplatz 5
50667 Cologne