Conference about the Individualisation of Media

On the occasion of the twenty-year-old existence of the Institute of Broadcasting Economics at the University of Cologne, the institute hosted a conference on the 15th January 2009 at the rooms of the Deutschlandfunk, Raderberggürtel 40, 50968 Köln, about:

The Individualisation of Media

The first part of the conference was about the individualisation of media as an economic issue. Presentations were given by Prof. Dr. Detlef Schoder, Director of the Department of Information Systems and Information Management of the University of Cologne, René Keller, Executive Director of GmbH, Prof. Dr. Heiner Meulemann, Director of the Reasearch Institute of Sociology of the University of Cologne, and Dieter K. Müller, ARD-Werbung Sales & Services GmbH.

The second part of the conference was about the individualisation of media as a challenge and opportunity for society. Therefore presentations were given by  Prof. Dr. Horst M. Schellhaaß, director of the Department of Law and Political Science of the University of Cologne, Eva-Maria Michel, Legal Advosir of WDR, Dr. Manfred Kops, Executive Director of The Institute for Broadcasting Economics, and Prof. Dr. Ernst Elitz, Intendant of Deutschlandradio.

The presentation slides of the speeches can be downloaded from the table below. Also audio records of the presentations are available (please click on the corresponding audio file). As soon as the speeches have been published in the Working Paper Series of the Institute, they can also be downloaded as pdf files. A miscellany with all contributions and discussions will be published soon. 

Prof. Dr. Detlef SchoderThe Individualisation of Media as an Economic Issueschoder.mp3AP 255
René KellerNew Media Products due to Individualisationkeller.mp3
Prof. Dr. Heiner MeulemannUser Preferences and Individualisation of Broadcastingmeulemann.mp3AP 249
Dieter K. MüllerData and Methods for the empirical investigation of Media Preference in Germany mueller.mp3AP 254
Prof. Dr.Horst M. SchellhaaßIndividualisation of Media - competitive-strategic Implications for the assurance of the diversity of opinionsschellhaas.mp3AP 260
Eva-Maria MichelThe Individualisation of Media - Challenges and Opportunitiesmichel.mp3AP 251
Dr. Manfred Kops

The Individualisation of Media - Self-Regulation as a consequence of media-economics?

Prof. Ernst Elitzno presentation slides usedelitz.mp3AP 248

Conference 2009

15th January 2009
10:00 am till 5:00 pm

Event location:
Kammermusiksaal of the Deutschlandfunks
Raderberggürtel 40
50968 Köln (Cologne)

Documents for Download (in German):