Symposium of the Institute of Broadcasting Economics on the 14th November 2006 in Bonn

That an intensive dialogue between states, cultures and religions is needed, is not just known since the argument of caricature, the disussions concerning the quotation of the Pope or the removal of the opra Idomeneo. Also it is quite uncontroversial, that media is in this matter of central importance. Less distinct are the consequences, which result of the increasing globalization and commercialization of media, for the international Public Service Broadcasting. Will international PSB become more important, because of the increasing importance of an international dialogue or will it become expendable, because the commercial "global players" can or want to assume the tasks or commissions of PSB through new forms of non-commercial services, such as Web-Logs? How is the Reaction of the "Deutsche Welle" on changing technologies and new forms of usage? And how are the national Public Service Broadcasters adressed due to this developement? Under the title:

Tasks of the international Public Service Broadcasting in a globalized media landscape

those questions were discussed in a lecture event of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics. The lecture event took place on the 14th November 2006 in the rooms of the Deutsche Welle in Bonn. There were about 130 participants, who mostly work in the area of international broadcasting and journalism. All of the presentations held are already published in the series of "Working Papers of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics". In addition all contributions and discussions are published in conference proceedings:   Volume 6 of "Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Welle" published by Vistas-Verlag, Berlin. 

Audio records of all presentations can be dowloaded in the list below (please click on the corresponding audio file). Presentations already published in the Working Paper Series of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics, can also be downloaded as PDF files.

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Prof. Dr. Hans J. Kleinsteuber-AP 229
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Conference 2006


14th November 2006
10:15 am till 4:45 pm

Event location
Gremiensaal Deutsche Welle
Kurt-Schumacher Straße 3
53113 Bonn

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